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Why Choose Us?

What makes us different?

Raw, local honey sourced from a small business in Bothell (support small!)

Best prices around! Most elderberry makers sell for over $25 a bottle...not me! You can guarantee that I have the best price because I work to reduce my costs to pass on the savings to you!

Delivery options available! I delivery to most areas in the North Puget Sound area. 

Extra steps - we soak our elderberries for up to an hour before simmering, ensuring all of the goodness reaches the syrup.

No thickeners - hard pass on the sticky, thick syrup that has added junk to thicken.

We are proud to provide your families with the absolute best elderberry syrup!

"I can't recommend Everything Elderberry enough! My family loves her products and I've found that we have had less illnesses, and when we do get sick, they are less severe and pass more quickly. Kristin Ficker provides great customer service, quality products, and reasonable pricing compared to other vendors."

Jessica P
Frequent Customer

About Us

Kristin Ficker


I started making elderberry syrup because my oldest daughter was sick all the time! I needed another option that would help and I heard about elderberries. What an amazing little berry packed with antioxidants and vitamins! Check out my Facebook page to find out more about the power of elderberries and how they can make an impact on your health! 


We have no store front - just a local mom with a e-commerce store. BUT you can pickup your order locally from me in Brier, WA. I have a pickup bin near my front door and will drop orders there when they are ready. Please look for communication from me for when your order is ready.